What we do ?


Our experts pick your Laundry at your convenience from your door step..


We give the utmost care that your laundry needs and get them ready for you..


Our experts deliver your laundry back to you so that you can carry on with your important appointments..

How much do we charge ?

Note - We will be revising our pricing from 1st of June 2018


Same Day Express(6 - 8Hrs.) Next Day Express(24 Hrs.) Normal(72 Hrs.)
Daily Wear Clothes Rs. 110/Kg Rs. 85/Kg Rs. 60/Kg
Daily Wear Clothes - Wash & Iron Rs. 130/Kg Rs. 105/Kg Rs. 80/Kg
Curtains Rs. 135/Kg Rs. 110/Kg Rs. 85/Kg
Individual Wash Rs. 120/Kg Rs. 100/Kg Rs. 85/Kg
Special Baby Clothes Rs. 130/Kg Rs. 110/Kg Rs. 100/Kg
Blankets Rs. 140/Kg Rs. 120/Kg Rs. 100/Kg

Shoe Spa

Shoe Type Normal Express
FlipFlops Rs. 125/Pair Rs. 100/Pair
Sneakers/Sport Shoes Rs. 225/Pair Rs. 200/Pair
Leather Shoes Starts at Rs. 275/Pair Starts at Rs. 250/Pair

Dry Clean - Men's

Express(48 Hrs.) Normal(96 Hrs.)
Shirt/T-Shirt/Trouser/Pyjama Rs. 75/pc Rs. 50/pc
Jeans/Kurta/Silk Dhoti Rs. 100/pc Rs. 75/pc
Shorts/Tie Rs. 65/Pc. Rs. 40/Pc.
Sweater/Pullover/Sports Jacket Rs. 150/Pc. Rs. 125/Pc.
Safari Suit (2Pc)/Leather Jacket Rs. 200/Pc. Rs. 175/Pc.
Nehru Jacket/Waist Coat Rs. 150/Pc. Rs. 125/Pc.
Sherwani/Blazer Rs. 250/Pc. Rs. 225/Pc.
Suit(2 pcs) Rs. 300/Set. Rs. 275/Set.
Suit(3 pcs) Rs. 350/Set. Rs. 325/Set.
Groom Sherwani Rs. 1350/Pc. Rs. 1200/Pc.

Dry Clean - Women's

Express(48 Hrs.) Normal(96 Hrs.)
Dupatta/Scarf/Muffler/Blouse Plain Rs. 65/pc Rs. 40/pc
Blouse Work/Shirt/Top/T-Shirt/Kurti Rs. 75/Pc. Rs. 50/Pc.
Trouser/Slacks/Track Pant/Skirt Small Rs. 75/Pc. Rs. 50/Pc.
Choli/Petticoat Rs. 75/Pc. Rs. 50/Pc.
Skirt Large/Salwar Kameez Plain Rs. 150/Pc. Rs. 125/Pc.
Salwar Kameez Work/Night Gown Rs. 175/Pc. Rs. 150/Pc.
Saree Plain Rs. 150/Pc. Rs. 125/Pc.
Saree Silk Rs. 200/Pc. Rs. 175/Pc.
Saree Work/Ghagra Work Rs. 225/Pc. Rs. 200/Pc.
Dress/Gown Rs. 200/Pc. Rs. 175/Pc.
Track Suit/Shawl Plain Rs. 175/Pc. Rs. 150/Pc.
Shawl Work Rs. 225/Pc. Rs. 175/Pc.
Overcoat Rs. 250/Pc. Rs. 200/Pc.
Bridal Lehenga/Bridal Zari Saree Rs. 1350/Pc. Rs. 1200/Pc.

Dry Clean - Kid's

Express(48 Hrs.) Normal(96 Hrs.)
Shirts/T-Shirts/Night Suit/Nighties Rs. 65/pc Rs. 40/pc
Frocks Plain/Shorts Rs. 65/Pc. Rs. 40/Pc.
Frocks Work Rs. 90/Pc. Rs. 65/Pc.
Jackets Rs. 125/Pc. Rs. 100/Pc.
Blazers Rs. 175/Pc. Rs. 150/Pc.

Dry Clean - Household

Express(48 Hrs.) Normal(96 Hrs.)
Bedsheet Single/Sofa/Cushion Cover Big Rs. 125/pc Rs. 100/pc
Bedsheet Double Rs. 175/Pc. Rs. 150/Pc.
Pillow Cover Plain Rs. 40/Pc. Rs. 30/Pc.
Pillow Cover Work/Hand Towel/Table Mat/Table Cloth Single Rs. 75/Pc. Rs. 50/Pc.
Bath Towel/Runner/Table Cloth Double/Sofa/Cushion Cover Small Rs. 100/Pc. Rs. 75/Pc.
Sofa/Cushion Cover Big Rs. 125/Pc. Rs. 100/Pc.
Curtains Small Rs. 175/Pc. Rs. 150/Pc.
Curtains Medium Rs. 225/Pc. Rs. 200/Pc.
Curtains Large Rs. 350/Pc. Rs. 325/Pc.
Bath Robe Rs. 75/Pc. Rs. 50/Pc.
Duvet Covers Single Rs. 200/Pc. Rs. 175/Pc.
Duvet Covers Double Rs. 275/Pc. Rs. 250/Pc.
Bed Spread Single Rs. 125/Pc. Rs. 100/Pc.
Bed Spread Double Rs. 175/Pc. Rs. 150/Pc.
Blanket Single Rs. 275/Pc. Rs. 250/Pc.
Blanket Double Rs. 375/Pc. Rs. 350/Pc.
Dari/Carpet As Per Size As Per Size

Dry Clean - Misc

Express(48 Hrs.) Normal(96 Hrs.)
Innerwear/Socks Rs. 50/pc Rs. 40/pc
Ladies Bag Rs. 150/Pc. Rs. 125/Pc.
Leather Bag Rs. 200/Pc. Rs. 175/Pc.
Backpack Rs. 125/Pc. Rs. 100/Pc.
Rucksack/Suitcase Rs. 200/Pc. Rs. 175/Pc.

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Our Services

Wash & Fold

Wash & Fold

We give your clothes the professional touch it deserves so that you can sit back and relax.


Wash & Iron

Ironing keeps your clothes wrinkle free and ready for your next big moment.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

We give further detailing to remove those stubborn stains to those special clothes before you wear them for the next big moment.

Shoes Spa

Shoes Spa

Your favourite shoes got stains no worries we will shine them back like a new one.